From 1999 the Soundscape Association of Japan has published an annual journal called “Soundscape”, which provides details about the association’s activities and features research articles, etc. Here you can find the tables of contents of all of the journals from issue 14 to the latest issue as well as the full content of digitized journals beginning from issue 14. (the journals are in Japanese only).

The Journal of the Soundscape Association of Japan : Soundscape
Print edition Vol.1- Vol.13 : ISSN 1345-4404 Vol.1- Vol.13
Online edition Vol.14- : ISSN 2423-9836 / ISSN-L 2423-9836

● Vol.01  Date of issue:1999.05

● Vol.02  Date of issue:2000.05

● Vol.03  Date of issue:2001.05

● Vol.04  Date of issue:2002.07

● Vol.05  Date of issue:2003.07

● Vol.06  Date of issue:2004.07

● Vol.07  Date of issue:2005.08

● Vol.08  Date of issue:2006.08

● Vol.09  Date of issue:2007.08

● Vol.10  Date of issue:2008.12

● Vol.11-1  Date of issue:2009.07

● Vol.11-2  Date of issue:2010.05

● Vol.12-1  Date of issue:2010.11

● Vol.12-2  Date of issue:2011.07

● Vol.13  Date of issue:2012.07  

● Vol.14  Date of issue:2013.05 TABLE OF CONTENTS  contents [Japanese version only] (PDF/13.9MB)

Special Articles: Soundscape Project for Earthquake Disaster 3.11
NAGAHATA Koji: Outlines of the Soundscape Project for Earthquake Disaster 3.11 NAGAHATA Koji: A Report on the Visiting Soundscapes of the Affected Area Project Ohya Eiji: Bell Crickets in Miyagino
TORIGOE Keiko: Goishi Kaigan, Kaminari Iwa / Thunder Rock
SATO Hiroshi: Sounds of Seashore Facing Outer Sea: Visiting Soundscapes of Iwaki and Idzura NAGAHATA Koji: Fukushima Soundscape Project
KAWASAKI Yoshihiro: Fixed‐point Recording Project
MINOURA Kazuya: Impressions after participating the project for soundscape observation in the tsunami-stricken areas
NAGAHATA Koji: Discussion on What Soundscape Can/Should Do for Society in This Age

Special Articles: Individualized Society and Soundscape
DAIMON Shin-ya: Report: Symposium “Individualized Society and Soundscape” MINAMIDA Katsuya, TSUJIMOTO Kyoko, OGAWA Hiroshi
Special Article for the 20th Anniversary of SAJ
Round-Table Talk: Pre-History of Soundscape Association Japan, Part 1
HIRAMATSU Kozo, IKEMURA Hiroyuki, UENO Masaaki, SATO Hiroshi and TORIGOE Keiko

UENO Masaaki: A report of SAJ 2012 spring meeting
FUNABA-NAKAMURA Hisao: A report of SAJ 2012 autumn meeting
TSUCHIDA Yoshio: An Activity Report of Sound Education Working Group in 2011-2012 SOWA Haruyoshi: An Activity Report of Japanese Garden Soundscape Working Group in 2012

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● Vol.15-1  Date of issue:2014.12 TABLE OF CONTENTS contents [Japanese version only] (PDF/9.59MB)

Foreword:TORIGOE Keiko: A Remark at the SAJ’s 20th Anniversary

Special Articles: Reports from the Symposium held in 2013
NAKAGAWA Shin: A Report of Annual Symposium, 2013
HIRAMATSU Kozo: Reconsidering Soundscape as Acoustic Environment
FUNABA-NAKAMURA Hisao: The Acoustical Environmental Design for the Future – From the Viewpoint of Universal Design-
IWATA Marie: The Soundscape Design for the Future – Suggestion for the Life Style-

Original Paper
UENO Masaaki: Soundscape in Kyoto City in the Late Meiji Period/ Listening from Newspaper Articles in “Kyoto Hinode Shimbun”

HIRAMATSU Kozo: Translations of “Unbeaten Tracks in Japan: An Account of Travels in the Interior, Including Visits to the Aborigines of Yezo and the Shrines of Nikko and Ise, 2 vols.” by I. L. Bird (Translated by K. Kanasaka)

YANAGISAWA Eisuke: A Report of the Memorial Symposium of the 20th Anniversary “Seeking for the Soundscape Horizon”
KOZUGE Yukari: 2013 Activity Report of the Community-Sound-People-Net Working Group

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● Vol.15-2  Date of issue:2015.05 TABLE OF CONTENTS contents [Japanese version only] (PDF/6.95MB)

Special Articles: Spirit of Soundscape
TSUCHIDA Yoshio: The Spirit of “Spirit of Soundscape”
KANEKO Katsushi: A Report of “Spirit of Soundscape” at the Annual Meeting of SAJ, 2012
Part 1 Poster Session Part 2 Forum:
 Chair: KOBAYASHI Tazuko
 Facilitator: TSHUCHIDA Yoshio
 Speakers: IKEDA Kunitaro, SUZUKI Hideki, KOSUGE Yukari, KAMBAYASHI Teppei, KANEKO Katsushi
 KOSUGE Yukari: A Report of the 2nd meeting of “Spirit of Soundscape.” Part 1 Poster Session
Part 2 Forum: Sound in Environmental Education
 Moderator: KANEKO Katsushi
 Speakers: SHIMA Kazuhiko, OHNO Yoshiaki, IWATA Marie, TSUCHIDA Yoshio

Original Paper
KAMBAYASHI Teppei: A Practical Study about Aims of Sound Education: Exploring New Possibilities for Modern Issues

FUNABA-NAKAMURA Hisao: The Outline Report about 20th Anniversary Exhibition SUZUKI Hideki: Report “Classroom of Soundscape”

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● Vol.16  Date of issue:2016.05 TABLE OF CONTENTS contents [Japanese version only] (PDF/35.0MB)

Special Articles:
In Memory of Prof Nishie
TORIGOE Keiko, KONISHI Junko, SATO Hiroshi, KOSUGE Yukari, SUZUKI Hideki, HIRAMATSU Kozo, KAWASAKI Yoshihiro

Commemorative Symposium for the 20th Anniversary of SAJ: Exploring the Horizon of Soundscape
A Report of the Annual Symposium, 2013 commemorating the 20th Anniversary COX Rupert, CARLYLE Angus, HAYASHI Naoki, HIRAMATSU Kozo
The Lecture Commemorating the 20th Anniversary
MASAYUKI Nishie: Animal Soundscape/Soundscape of the Natural World
General Discussion

Reports from Working Groups
KOSUGE Yukari: 2014 Activity Report of the Community-Sound-People-Net Working Group: Soundscape of Tea Song and Tea Plantations - Let’s Make Our Tea Song

A Report of SAJ 2013 Annual Meeting
A Report of SAJ Spring Annual Meeting, 2014 A Report of SAJ Spring Autumn Meeting, 2014 A Report of Annual Symposium, 2015
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● Vol.17  Date of issue:2017.05 TABLE OF CONTENTS contents [Japanese version only] (PDF/77.8MB) 

A Report of the SAJ Annual Symposium, 2014:
Soundscape and Its Future from the Point of View of ‘Landscape’
Chair: SAITO Kaoru
Keynote Speech: SHINJI Isoya
Panel Discussion: SHINJI Isoya, SOWA Haruyoshi, TORIGOE Keiko, TSHUCHIDA Yoshio

A Report of the SAJ Annual Symposium, 2015
Chair: SHIOKAWA Hiroyoshi
Voice and Body in Balinese Musical Theater, Arja: MASHINO Ako
Voice of Puppeteer in Balinese Wayang: UMEDA Hideharu
The Function of "Choros" in Greek Drama -from the View of Soundscape-: YAMAGATA Harue

Reports on the SAJ Regular Meetings, 2016
The 1st Meeting
 “Listening to Voices of Artworks: Intersection of Art and Soundscape”: KAMBAYASHI Teppei
 A Report on the Invited Lecture “Listening to Voices of Artworks”: TAKAHASHI Kento
 A Report on the Three-way Conversation “Listening to Voices of Artworks”
 Talk Session: Chair: IMADA Tadahiko, Facilitator: KAWASAKI Yoshihiro, Speaker: TAKAHASHI Kento
The 2nd Meeting
 “Insect Soundwalk in the Tama Forest Science Garden”: OHYA Eiji, OBA Teruyo, KANEKO Katsushi
The 3rd Meeting
 The Soundscape a Festival Produces: NAKAMA Kazuyuki

The 2015 Activity Report of the Community-Sound-People-Net Working Group: Workshop on ‘Making Soundscape Postcards’: KOSUGE Yukari, KANEKO Katsushi

David Hendy’s “Noise: A Human History of Sound and Listening”: HIRAMATSU Kozo Reports of the SAJ Annual Meetings, 2015 and 2016

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● Vol.18  Date of issue:2018.05 TABLE OF CONTENTS contents [Japanese version only] (PDF/9.91MB)

The SAJ Annual Symposium, 2016: "Soundscape of the Tokyo River System"
Chair: YOSHINAKA Atsushi
Introduction: Listening to the Sounds of Famous Bridges: WASHINO Hiroshi Keynote Speech: Re-thinking of "The Tuning of the World" Through the Three Major Spring Water Places in the Musashino Area: TORIGOE Keiko
Lecture: A History and Topology of the Tokyo River System: KAMIYA Hiroshi Lecture: Designing of the Waterfront Areas in Tokyo: TAKAMI Kimio
Discussion: KAMIYA Hiroshi, TAKAMI Kimio, TORIGOE Keiko, WASHINO Hiroshi

The Academic Meeting, "An Academic Horizon Opened by the Concept of Soundscape,"
Discussants: MINOURA Kazuya, DAIMON Shinya, AINOTA Koji, KANEKO Katsushi, HIRAMATSU Kozo, TORIGOE Keiko

KAMBAYASHI Teppei's "A Study about the Objectives and Evaluation of Sound Education" and "A Learning from Polysemous Listening: 20 hints for Improvement of Self-esteem and Understanding of Others": IMADA Tadahiko
Eisuke Yanagisawa's New Recording "Various Artists / Music Of The Bahnar People From The Central Highlands Of Vietnam(Sublime Frequencies SF107)" Has Come Out from Sublime Frequencies: FUKUSHIMA Keiichi J. Sterne's "The Audible Past: Cultural Origins of Sound Reproduction': HIRAMATSU Kozo

Bell's sound in Egypt-What Happened at a Level Crossing, HIRAMATSU Kozo

2016 Activity Report of the Community-Sound-People-Net Working Group, KOSUGE Yukari, KANEKO Katsushi
A Report of the SAJ Regular Meeting: Listening to the Fall in the Centre of Kanazawa" SHIRAKI Yuya, TSUCHIDA Yoshio
A Report of the SAJ Annual Meetings, 2017, MINOURA Kazuya

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● Vol.19  Date of issue:2019.05 TABLE OF CONTENTS contents [Japanese version only] (PDF/33.3MB)

The SAJ Annual Symposium, 2017, “The Soundscape in Iwate.” Chair: FUNABA Nakamura Hisao
Part 1 Soundscape in Iwate to make someone listen
FUNABA Nakamura Hisao
Part 2 Masters talk about Soundscape in Iwate
TAYAMA Takahiro, MOURYOU Masako, KUJI Kosuke Part 3 Panel discussion "Soundscape in Iwate"
The SAJ Annual Symposium, 2018, “Now, from Kyoto Again.” Chair: Kazuya MINOURA
Part 1 Keynote Lectures.
Keiko TORIGOE: The Address from the Director General, “Celebrating the 25th Anniversary.” HIRAMATSU Kozo: “Soundscape in the History of Acoustics.”
Part 2 Lectures,
Chair: HIRANO Saburo
TORIGOE Keiko & YASUMOTO Yoshimasa: “Urban Renaissance through the Selection of the 100 Soundscapes.”
SOWA Haruyoshi & IWAMURA Kenji: “Landscape and Soundscape of Kyoto.”
WAKAO Yu: “What is the soundscape studies heading for?”

KAMBAYASHI Teppei, Learning Structure and Value as a Teaching Material on Long-term Continuing of ‘Listening Diary’ : A Case Study of the Elementary School Student.
TSUTSUMI Ryo & SAKUMA Tetsuya, Study on Spatio-Temporal Notation of Sound Environment Experience based on the Experience Sampling Method.
SHIOKAWA Hiroyoshi, A Sutdy on the Characteristics of the Interference Beat of Japanese Temple Bel – the Bell in
Shin’ei-ji Temple –

IKENURA Hiroyuki: TANAKA Yuji’s “Elevator Music in Japan.”
HIRAMATSU Kozo: The NBS & KANASAKA’s "Niigata in the Meiji Period Described by Isabella Bird": A Memorial CD of the Radio Reading Programme by the NBS with Accompanying Booklet. HIRAMATSU Kozo: MIYAZATO Senri’s CD “The Rituals and Festivals of Okinawa:Songs and Prayers from the Izaiho Ritual, Kudaka Island.”

SAJ Spring Annual Academic Meeting 2018.
SAJ Autumn Annual Academic Meeting 2018.
Workshop: Murin-an Soundscapes - A workshop on sonic experiences in a Japanese garden.
SAJ Regular Meeting: Listening Tunes Played by the Siren in the City of Iga Ueno.
SAJ Regular Meeting: Zenpukuji Pond and Kosuge Village connected by Water and Soundscape. SAJ Regular Meeting: Igaueno and Hamamatsu – A Perspective Reaching the Music Siren

Working Group Activity Report
SAJ Research Project of the Great East Japan Earthquake The Soundscape-Design-Lab.
Listen to the Natural Sounds Community-Sound-People-Net

International Activities
Interchanges with South Korea and Taiwan.

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● Vol.20  Date of issue:2020.05 TABLE OF CONTENTS contents [Japanese version only] (PDF/93.2MB)

The SAJ Annual Symposium, 2019 ”Can Soundscape be a Cultural Heritage?”
Chair: MINOURA Kazuya
Part 1 Keynote Lecture: “The History and Future Prospect of Cultural Heritage”
Part 2 A Report from Case Study “Concerning Music Sirens”
UENO Masaaki, KANEKO Katsushi
Part 3 Panel discussion Can Soundscape be a Cultural Heritage?

SAKAMOTO Yuki: Soundscape as Local Resource: Local Resource Studies of Bellcricket Chirping and Sound of Water

KANEKO Tomotaro: Yanagisawa Eisuke’s “Gongs Resound on the Land of Vietnam

SAJ Spring Annual Academic Meeting 2019.
SAJ Autumn Annual Academic Meeting 2019.

Working Group Activity Report
Thinking about the sound scene of festivals and traditional culture
Talking of the History of Noise

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